Wednesday, 30 November 2016

اكتشف سر هذه البقرة مفتولة العضلات ، هل هي حقيقة ام خدعة؟

انتشر على الانترنت هذه الايام صور لكلبة ضخمة وبعضلات عجيبة وكذلك لبقرة سمينة ذات عضلات (تبدو انها تدربت في صالة تقوية عضلات ههههه)

هل ماانتشر من صور حقيقة ام خيال 
تعال معنا لنشاهد الفيديو معا 

اضغط هنا لمشاهدة الفيديو  

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Guide to profit from the Internet

Welcome at the guide to profiting from the Internet

You have come here to look for a foolproof way of profit from the Internet, Here I will give things you will not find elsewhere , Learn about the world of profit from the Internet for the first time,   Different visions of multiple sources and live experiences, You are about to change your convictions, Welcome to the world of the Internet where professional reaps thousands of dollars per month, To reach this dream you have to take your first step in this world

Investment monthly online at more than $9 billion!  We'll show you strategies that you can follow for reaping profits, you will find many of theses to make comparisons between the field and another,

Why profit from the Internet? ... Let's discuss this matter widely,

Have you ever thinking of working in the office or work in the business Or let us go beyond that, If you're an engineer or a doctor, you dream of a lot of money, and someday you'll get them...

Is this money legitimately?

Yes, certainly legitimate 100%.

But what do you think added to another dream? ,

Do you want to know what is it? Well, you can earn more than a thousand dollars a month if you have worked for 90 hours per month = three hours a day only !!, Do you believe this ? Of course not, and That is the reason I write what are reading and will read shortly after, Profit from the Internet is one of the easiest ways to make money, That's not all, so you'll know more about all the advantages of working online.

I advise you to read thisFive important things about working online

You Should Know before entering the world of profit from the Internet ...  Competition is the dominant feature, You are always in competition honest and dishonest with your competitors, you have to trust in your abilities, Develop the skills, New learn and do not stop at any obstacle , This world comply with the owners of the strong will, Owners of smart minds,
standards for profit from the Internet :
Quality ... Credibility and innovation... .           

Ways to profit from the Internet

1. Profit by Google Adsense

Google displays ads on the sites, here's your turn comes you as a publisher. Google Inc. gets 32% of the profits only. And you get 68% of the profits. Profit with Google Adsense is the most common and easier. And used by 81 million users worldwide, and are making them a monthly profit. But before you choose the Google Adsense as a way to profit, You should know that some important points about Adsense.

You can read this article: how to make money online with google Adsense ?

-        Adsense had become does not accept any publisher!
-        One violation of the policies of the Google Adsense . will be closed your account forever!
-        Adsense best company in the world from where the price of clicks.
-        There is no the so-called persecuted in Adsense if you followed the laws will be safe!
-        The price of clicks in foreign content up to ten fold the Arab content!
Before you create a new account on Adsense. You should learn how to protect your account from the ban. And determine the best ways to take advantage of Adsense.

1 – (  building a high-quality site (Authority website
What is the site of high quality? It is a site aimed at a large segment of the people and the public. An example: Addicted2Success. This website displays real examples of successful people. First: where you are targeting particular specialty and a wide cross-section of followers. Second, You are to unleash your creativity. And therefore must be taken care of the quality of the content. So you get the followers sincerely for your site.

2 -  (Build a specialist very site (Niche:
Building Nitsch is not an act aimed to build a base of fans and followers site, But the goal on first and foremost to get a quick profit, It depends mainly on getting visitors from search engines, If not rise into the first page on Google in the specialty that competes with it, you will not reap the visits, and thus will not reap the profits. Most of the sites that always aim to get the click of the visitor at his first visit, unlike the high-quality sites that aim to keep the visitor site within the larger period, Niche a good way to profit-taking quickly, So please to learn more about Niche through YouTube or the Internet, and we will try to customize special sessions on Niche soon.

Preserve the account safe!
1. Never click on your own ads or calling someone to put pressure on them.
2. It is not allowed to place ads on AdSense content such as software, movies, games
3. Not Change codes Google Adsense in any way allowed.
4. Do not place ads on any site not yours direct ownership.
5. Stay away from free hosting, this is one of the reasons for the closure of the accounts in Adsense.
6. Do not display ads competitor to Google Adsense together
7. If you notice a sudden increase in clicks, you must be reported directly
8. Do not open your account from two different places at the same time!
9. Always try to distinguish between content and advertising, do not mislead the visitor.

Google Adsense remains the best way to profit from the Internet and easier, If you want to start directly in the profit from Google Adsense you need to have a website first and then you can proceed to write High-quality content of your writing, And after some time on your site and began Visits wheel rotation, You can Submit a request to open an account in Google Adsense.

2 - profit by generating profits:

This depends on the specialty that cares about your site, you can see on this website , Connect with these companies and sites that offer these services, and show them to provide them with reviews of their services within your site, to bring them to target customers and visitors to their services and sites, you can do this matter. And it requests a specific percentage for every client or every visit.

Connect with a large number of major companies in your Niche. And try to as much as possible to communicate with the person responsible. And introduce your services. You will get some of the companies and sites in the beginning. Until it begins to expand further after that. You must be an effort to find those concerned with access to your services. But it's absolutely gorgeous and profitable dramatically. If you are offering a high-quality and valuable content that will not be difficult for you.

Some tips on taking advantage of this method:
1. Create a specialized site
2. the marketing of your reviews (high quality) by Youtube - Everybody Loves Videos
3. If you do not have experience in filming videos. You may use another person to do so by or site
4. Place the subscription model at your mailing list in the obvious place. and provide something Free....
5. Try to publish your reviews in the form of press releases. You can use the site I-newswire
6. Try to create your fan base on social media, it is very important.
7. Make sure to have your reviews of the services and websites honest as possible and not counterfeit.

3 - Profit by direct advertising:

Depending on the field of your site. You can easily direct sale of advertising space on your site. And different places these spaces from the platform to the other. If you use the forum you can sell more ads. But it's probably a bit different for the blog. Direct advertising feature inside your site, that you are in control of the source, you choose from declaring to you. You are of your conditions dictate.

You can start selling of advertising space on your site easily. Just create a page to clarify the places available spaces in your site and your site the most important features that make it a suitable place for the announcement, and what will earn the advertiser from advertising inside pages of your website? , And then publish this page in all sections of your site or inside your posts to be able to reach the visitors very easily and then begin to receive ad requests.

Some tips to take advantage greatly from direct ads:
1. Accept only ads related to the content of your site, even if a few percent.
2. preferably a number of ad units: 4 ad units only. Especially for small and medium sites.
3. Do not annoy your followers a pop-up ad-or animated ads.
4. Be honest with advertisers for the number of your visits and visitors. So continue to work with you.
5.Do not hesitate to increase the price of your ad units if the number of visitors has increased.

4 - profit by Affiliate:

Market deserves the title of "survival of the strongest"
E-marketing several forms. And different ways. Affiliate is it depends on the person marketing a product or service or bring visits to the site and get a share of the profits. It can be done in many different ways. You will be charged according to the number of clicks or number of ad impressions, or the number of purchases that come through you . Payment remains by clicking is a larger and wider fields affiliates prevalent in the world and is also the most lucrative field.

Here's a list of best Affiliate companies in the world:

1. Link Share :
One of the largest specialized companies in the field Affiliate in the world is interested young traders and emerging companies. Link Sher company the best in the world for the second consecutive year.

Have a great experience in this field, the company is a strong competitor.

3. Amazon :
A very broad field. Market featuring thousands of products. It is the really strong competitor.

4. Click Bank :
Click Bank company is the best option for all a beginner in the field of Affiliate or mail marketing. It is one of the big companies in the world, and care for young traders and marketing of products that use the online only.

5. Share a Sale : 
This company has earned the trust of publishers and advertisers together. One of the most developed companies in the world Affiliate.

5 - profit by YouTube:

If you're not able to deal with any of the previous methods and want to profit from the Internet in a manner easier, faster and (most enjoyable). Here's YouTube new and effective gateway for beginners to be able to profit from the Internet. It all depends on your talent, both in the preparation videos + begin setting up some videos (it's not difficult). But make sure not to infringe on the copyrights of any person or channel on Youtube, so as not to expose yourself or your profits or your Adsense for the final ban.

You must have an account in Adsense first before you start using YouTube as a way to profit. YouTube is one of the easiest ways to profit. Of course, there are some points that you should know, we will post them to you now. But with the following main points and add some special touches and knowing topics of interest to Followers in this period, you can reap many profits in little time.

Some tips to profit from YouTube:
1. Be informed the latest development of events, whether political, sporting, artistic. Always try to share a video related to them, will gain Followers and profits in a short time.
2. Stay away from irregularities in terms of intellectual property rights or publishing.
3. Try to put a distinctive name for your channel on YouTube. And try to create your page on Facebook, try to gain followers on social networking pages.
4. You can take advantage of YouTube to publicize a site or a page on Facebook with ease.

                      Final words
Profit from the Internet such as hunting you have patience and you have to focus.
Patience is the key, may not work all these roads, in the beginning, Intelligence is very important to profit from the Internet, That'll earn after a period Automatically through the experience. And learn from the mistake is constantly, And what makes this more effective is to develop the skills and abilities on the Internet, Before starting any project, bring a pen and paper and then write some points, which is seeking to achieve, and what is the shape of your project? And how will be managed? Do you need a partner? .. Do you need to read more about what will work with it? What are the tools available to you in the beginning? What is your budget? What are the risks surrounding with your project? Will be able to take risks or not?!!.

Best regards and I wish you success

Monday, 10 October 2016

Five important things about working online

Profit from the Internet, not only is the strategies, but needs five things in your life.

1. You are the Director of yourself

tips Profit from home

When the work starts at home, you would not have received calls from a particular person, you do not have to force yourself to work, and certainly will not be evicted if you do not work.

A lot of people think that working from home is very easy, but in fact you have to deal with him like a permanent work in the company or office, when I started working from home, I noticed the time passes quickly, I am now most days I work from nine o'clock in the morning of the fifth poem interspersed, this time, a break for lunch, and prayer, and of course this time interspersed with  some of the talks on Facebook + Skype.

I'm trying to stay productive and effective to the fullest extent in these specific clocks and I try to stay away from work as much as possible during the rest of the day.

recommended : 

Reasons to start an online business now

2. Home is Your Office Now!
Set up a specific and prepared place to work quietly, try to steer clear of anything that might make you busy of work, surely sitting on the couch in front of the TV, and you put your laptop on your foot, it will not make you produce something, Find yourself a real office, and start the hard work!.
The environment must be suited to work, try as much as possible to isolate yourself from any distracting.

As we have said, try to put yourself in an environment that helps you work, arrange the room, clean your desk, your parents helped, do feed your cat, and then in working time. Do not stop working never, Whatever Happened

You can work on the outside of the home at times, go to open places, and use the laptop, but not too much so that this does not stop working at home

3. Caring for yourself.
For beginners to work on the Internet, Get rest for some days, you're human and you need to have some rest, make a cup of tea or coffee, sleep in your bed and watch TV, and enjoy for some time, even working actively.

Speaking of comfort and attention to health, you have to rehearse, and stimulate blood circulation in your body, you took care of yourself and your health and go for sport, or at least should walk for some time, I usually do I walk in the morning, so I can be an active rest day.

One of the most difficult changes that must be experienced by a person who works on the Internet, is that he has to stay alone for long periods, which may make you away from your friends and relatives, and even family members, try to be emptied of your time some time out with your friends, try mixing in things family and relatives, at least tried to buy a camera, and communicate with friends and relatives through Skype or other.

Try to find someone who cares about working from home, and tried to organize some interviews for shared experiences and advice, and to work together from time to time, so you do not get bored and frustrated because you are working alone.

4 - You do not need to work 24 hours a day
Now you have: work life and personal life, no matter what happens, try as much as possible to separate the two, and that your mind remains focused on each of them in the allotted time.

Many will spend the entire day working non-stop and rest to get more profit and rise in the search engines, this is easier than this to destroy your way, you cannot remain active and productive after this time.

You have to respect the weekends and official holidays, ENJOY YOUR TIME, close the computer and try to stay away from any action that might take your time. Nothing will happen if Postpone works for later.

5 - this wonderful life!

work from home and bussnies online

If you got to the stage of relying solely on the Internet and work from home as a source of permanent income for you, this is in itself a great achievement, there are those who spend long hours of hard work in offices, companies, and government departments, and unfortunately do not earn half of you earn you in a few days.

It may be a difficult challenge for you in the beginning, but with perseverance and learning and trying to gain experience through different experiences, you'll be able to run a successful business on the Internet, a nice feeling to be a manager a successful work brings you money online

Now we come to the end, these are some things that I have learned over the years,
I'm sure that you have some experience to share with us, through the comments at the bottom

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

how to make money online with google adsense ?

Google Adsense, is one of the advertising programs, the most famous on the Internet, and most profitable, and Adsense, is an excellent way to begin to get money from the internet. As we know, Google is the most powerful search engine on the Internet today, and has a search service, allow us to earn money through text ads and banner ads placed on the site or blog.

why make money with google Adsense?

- It's easy to sign up for the program. So you need only to sign up and get on the blade, to display advertisements.
- Super easy to install on your website. In fact, there is no need to install anything. Just copy and paste your ad code.
- Does not require any additional work. There is no need to go to find the advertisers. Google, do all the hard work for you, and needs only, to the existence of advertising space, on your website or blog.
- Relevant ads will follow. No need to choose the ads, which best suit your content manually. Google does so automatically.
- Made just for beginners! It has a very simple interface and does not require any technical knowledge.
- All the information you need is there. Google provides you with all relevant information and your profits. And also from the impressions, clicks, and profits.
All you need is to create an account. With a record, you can get promotions, for every one of your sites and web journals..

Requirements to earn money with google

There are some essential focuses, which must be mulled over, in order to get money from Google. Well, this is it:

- Your site must have a large number of visits, due, that Google pays for every click, so it is considered a low-income, sometimes.
- Your posts must be original and must not be copied. If it was discovered that the copied content, or of poor quality, you run the risk banning your account forever, and you will lose everything you have money .
- Always, chose the topics likely to be profitable. This is because Adsense is "content-targeted", that is, ads that appear, are aligned with the contents of your site. Example: If your site is talking about cars, you will see ads, about cars, etc.... Well, there are some subjects, more lucrative than others, for example, threads of gold, more profitable than computer topics, each area is different from the other, so look for a lucrative field, and at the same time, low competition.

1. Policies must be respected. To start earning money with Google, and start showing ads on your website, you should conform to the terms and arrangements of Adsense. So I recommend you read: Google Adsense policies
2. Do not put a lot of banners. Adsense can be performed blocked you if you mispronounce the use of banners.

Also, keep in mind, it is pay-per-click, and pay per click can vary, according to the subject and to advertisers. In fact, there are some topics, with profit more than others.
Why? And for the simple reason is that many advertisers are willing to pay large sums of money, propaganda in some subjects.
If you have a site, which is popular, it is very likely that your ads will have a decent performance.

How much money that can be won in the 
Google Adsense ?

To understand more, for example, the site, which receives 100,000 visits per month, they can get about 1,000 clicks, and if your site, a popular niche, and also if your field profitable, you will earn at least, 500€ per month.
Do not you think, that it's so easy, in the competition will be very strong, between you and the sites, which are similar to your site,
You should also know that Google allows the allocation of advertising, you can change the text color and background color, depending on what you want you, there are a lot of great features present in the interface simple Adsense! And you'll learn on your own or through online lessons.

3 steps to start earning money with 
 Google Adsense

- First(1). to start achieving income from Google Adsense is to create an account, you can register here.
- Step 2. After you have created your account, you must create ads. Choose the ads that you want to create, sizes, colors, etc.
- Step 3. The third and final step is to put ads on your website.

Dear reader, we have taken a quick look, about the profit from your website or blog, I hope you have enjoyed with us, if you have any suggestion or inquiry, please hesitate to put it in the comments.
Tell me, are you will use Adsense?

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Reasons to start an online business now

We've been through it all. Stuck in movement, holding up to go to work that we detest sitting in the workplace holding up to give 5.00 pm, numbering the minutes to the weekend, which never keeps going long; while we dream we could have our own business, maybe our own particular Internet business so you can leave the rodent race and begin living. The uplifting news is that we can leave the rodent race, you can begin your own particular business, and you can be free and cheerful. Today, with the Internet, it is amazingly simple to begin your own particular business. I have made him and a huge number of others have done. It is troublesome or as simple as you need it. Yet, why you ought to begin a business that depends on online? Here I give you the motivations to begin an Internet business.

 1-HAVING A BUSINESS IN INTERNET GOING TO HAVE MORE FREEDOM AND FREE TIME TO DO THINGS THAT MATTER IN LIFE. Being stuck in movement consistently, taking requests from your manager, sitting tight for the fortnight (with price deducted before you touch any of your rewards), ask that consent takes your get-away is a horrible quality of life. Taking a web business will give you an opportunity to do things that important. - Invest more energy with your family, invest less time with your family, travel more, invests extra time doing anything that satisfies you. Without work that you evacuate serious soul allowed to travel every which way at whatever point you need and as you need. I simply spent a long weekend at a spot close Beach Carmen, Quintana Roo. Driving plane skis and Aso lean dome as iguana to tan. That would not be conceivable on the off-chance that I had a supervisor whom he would need to report day by day at the workplace and continue working long after you leave the workplace. I know many people who have an administrative put you need to continue working after their working hours as a result of the obligations they need to satisfy. That is not life, pay them all the more so if, but rather are generously compensated, slaves.

2 WITH A BUSINESS on INTERNET you can control your INCOME. When you have a vocation you got cash each fortnight, for the most part, be the same for the past fortnight, regardless of how hard you work or how well you carry out your occupation. The inverse is additionally valid when you have a web business. Your pay is fixed straightforwardly to how hard you function and how well carry out your employment. The sky is the point of confinement with regard to profiting on the web. The decision is yours in regard to choosing the amount you need or need to win. Take the decision to win progressively and you will, the length of they take every necessary step required.

 3-WITH A BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET YOU CAN WORK WHEREVER. Once more, you don't need to get up to go sit one hour in activity and hold up and hold up. When you have a web business, you can telecommute, a café, library, on the metro, or outside the nation on the off-chance that they so need. Wherever you have a web cognition is the place you can work. Make proper acquaintance with the blue sky and say farewell to exhausting and inert workplaces.

 4-you can reinforce your ENTREPRENEURSHIP without exhausting your ledger. Not everybody needs to carry on with his life as a worker of an organization all his life. A hefty part of us are business visionaries, yet are reluctant to hop in and get things going. With a web business, you have the choice, to begin with a little measure of capital and ease on the web. It is not as hazardous as beginning a nearby business where you need to stress over paying rent, pay for merchandise and pay the pay of workers. To begin a business on the web is free. You basically need an area name and a site, that will cost you like $100 a month to begin.

5-EVERYDAY PEOPLE SPEND MORE MONEY ON THE INTERNET, YOUR BUSINESS CAN STAY WITH A segment of that cash. Reality. Web spending for 2020 is anticipated to be 40% of all deals in physical stores (retail) and 84% of all Internet clients now buy on the web. That is a much measure of cash is holding up with open arms. I spend a great deal of my cash on the web, I don't care for shopping all the time, however, I need to do, simply go to the grocery store. The majority resembles, would prefer not to go into preparing or go hold up in movement yet they need to do, they need to buy from the solace of your home. Presently the physical blessing shops and others are unfilled, they are biting the dust. Web locales like eBay, free market, amazon, and so on have produced holes never seen in the view of this pattern will develop by the day.

6-your online business is open day and day out. Rather than opening a constrained day at most retail locations time. That implies you can profit in spite of when you are dozing. Envision awakening and seeing page after deals pages that made your page while you were pulling wheezing and dribbling. Trust me it is an incredible sentiment energy.

7-NO BOUNDARIES WHEN YOU HAVE A GEOGRAPHIC BUSINESS On INTERNET. Your business can be set in a residential area and offer your items in different parts of Mexico and Latin America. The main restriction is that we set ourselves. With a client base far and wide, you can get to a boundless wellspring of clients and prospects.

8-YOUR BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET IS SAFER THAN ANY USE YOU CAN GET. Today there are no such things as protection vocation or work in an organization unless you trust her. Your bosses and managers need cash, and all things considered, couldn't care less, especially how faithful you are and will do whatever it takes to make a benefit; not to look great to you. You cannot depend on anybody or any organization working for you until the end of time. You can tally yourself and one thing is sure: THE INTERNET FOR LONG VA. I've heard a decent conspiratorial trash that thinks about the day the Internet will “kick”. Companions, there is no such thing as an off catch Internet. It is here and is staying put and anybody you know is dependent on the Internet. I'm dependent on the Internet as much the same number of us. The conspicuous arrangement is to profit from your enslavement, will be online, at any rate, worse to do an incredible at the same time.

9. WHEN YOU HAVE A BUSINESS IN INTERNET CONTROL ON YOU AND REPUTATION OF YOUR IMAGE COMPANY. With the dramatist press and terrible picture, an organization may go bankrupt in a split second. When you have an organization on the Internet and Internet now, you can control the picture and notoriety of your organization. It offers a decent item or administration and your notoriety will be stellar and remarkable. Is a business visionary forceful, however, I know a genuine business person?

10. WITH YOUR INTERNET BUSINESS IN A CLIENT can get to more data and more items. The sky is the breaking point on the off-chance that we are discussing the data and items you can have. This implies better data and access to your clients, which decipher into deals. You can have a couple of items on the off-chance that you need, or have many pages on the off-chance that you wish.

11-IS TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS IS EASY AUTOMATIC. The measure of items to make your business is programmed and profit is interminable; while eating, dozing, or voyaging. Four sites, every making $5000 a month has so been a decent extra cash. Copy it and is an exceptionally helpful pay. Triplicate and you're profiting as you have no clue.

 12-An Internet business is more fulfilling than the reality of working for another person. Having your own particular business is unquestionably more fulfilling than being a representative yet in an organization and do what others need you to do. As you see begin an Internet business bodes well. Companions, we needed to leave the rodent race and get a bigger pastel not to squander our lives taking after requests from another person or behind a desk area piece. The main way that everybody can profit and your own timetable are with an Internet business. Keep in mind, there is no preferable day to begin once again today. The first step is to just get up and make a move.

Have you tried one of those reasons? What do you think work on the internet!
We shared your experience in the comments

Thursday, 10 March 2016

ارسال الملفات بين الكمبيوتر وهاتف الاندرويد والايفون بسرعة وبدون كيبل usb

ربما في يوم كنت تريد ان ترسل فيديوهات ضخمة او ملفات كبيرة وكنت تريد ارسالها من هاتفك الى الكمبيوتر او من ارسالها من الكمبيوتر الى الهاتف بسرعة ..

حيث كلنا يعلم ان الامر يتطلب كيبل usb ولكن اليوم لن نحتاج الى usb ولا الى بلوتوث 
فقط سنحتاج الى برنامج صغير تقوم بتثبيته على الكمبيوتر وعلى الهاتف 

البرنامج  الذي سنتحدث هو : shareEit 
انه برنامج عظيم بحق فهو يربط عدة اجهزة مختلفة مع بعضها لارسال واستقبال الملفات لتوفير الوقت والسرعة وهو برنامج شهير ..

الية عمل البرنامج : يقوم بارسال واستقبال الملفات من الهاتف الى الهاتف او من الكمبيوتر الى الهاتف او من الهاتف الى الكمبيوتر وهاكذا ... 

ماهي طريقة تشغيل البرنامج لاستقبال وارسال الملفات من الكمبيوتر الى الهاتف  : 
1- تقوم بتحميل البرنامج للكمبيوتر من الموقع الرسمي
2- تقوم بتثبيته على الكمبيوتر ببساطة 
3- الان تنتقل الى هاتفك لتحميل التطبيق .. لتحميل التطبيق لاجهزة الاندرويد: shareEit   او لاجهزة ios من هنا

4- على سبيل المثال انا اريد ارسال فيديوهات العظماء 100 الموجودة بالكمبيوتر الى الهاتف فلذلك افتح البرنامج على الكمبيوتر واضغط ارسال send ثم browse ثم احدد الملفات التي اريد ارسالها ثم اضغط next و
5- الان افتح التطبيق على الهاتف واضغط استلام وتكمل بقية الخطوات بكل سهولة ولن احتاج للاطالة لانه بسيط جدا واتمنى انني افدتكم باذن الله واي استفسار ارحب به في التعليقات ..